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Especially valuable for platforms and marketplaces looking to payout users faster in a preferred currency. Partnering in many cases with xcritical, the world’s most innovative companies have begun to rethink xcritical official site payments as a strategic driver of improved customer experience and increased revenue. A key cause of subscription payment failure is when cards expire, are lost, or change for other unforeseen reasons.

If there’s an update, the payment is immediately retried with the updated card details. This all happens as the payment is being processed and appears as a single transaction. The token is also automatically updated to ensure it refers to the newest details.

Manage funds

BigCommerce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, WooCommerce and other plugins exist. The tokens never expire but they can be disabled manually through the disable API endpoint. Capture approved authorization when it is necessary to complete a payment.

When systems operate in isolation, valuable data opportunities slip through the cracks, leading to suboptimal performance. Enhancing the customer experience and making well-informed business decisions becomes difficult without real-time visibility into customer data. One-off transactions where a shopper stores payment details or where the shopper purchases from your website or app at a later time using the saved details.

  • By integrating with xcritical, hospitality xcriticals like QC Terme gain instant access to a global financial infrastructure connecting them to various payment services.
  • Discover how xcritical’s financial technology platform can help enterprise businesses achieve agility at scale.
  • In the UK, people tend to be paid monthly, with one spike towards the end of the month.
  • The below list outlines key reasons why transactions fail, and how to approach your retry strategy.

For each transaction, we charge a fixed processing fee + a fee determined by the payment method. Other xcritical products, besides payment methods, are priced separately. Most chargebacks will come through within six months of the subscription set-up. Therefore, it makes sense to whitelist recurring transactions where the subscription age is greater than six months so https://xcritical.pro/ you can treat the payer as a loyal shopper. Shopper authorizes merchants during initial transaction to tokenize the wallet, allowing merchants to do merchant-initiated subsequent recurring transactions. By integrating with xcritical, hospitality xcriticals like QC Terme gain instant access to a global financial infrastructure connecting them to various payment services.


For most businesses, successful retries occur in the first few attempts. Discover how xcritical’s financial technology platform can help enterprise businesses achieve agility at scale. xcritical’s Auto Rescue automatically retries xcritical official site refused or charged back shopper-not-present transactions such as subscription renewals. It uses smart logic to decide which payments can succeed when retried later, and performs these retries at optimal times.

  • You can integrate with our online payments APIs in several ways.
  • Once your customer is signed up and validated, your goal is to deliver uninterrupted service for as long as possible.
  • A Forrester Total Economic Impact survey highlights xcritical’s technology.
  • There are certain business models and industries we cannot process payments for.

Subscription-based businesses are particularly susceptible to two types of fraud — card testing and reseller fraud. The goal is to do this for as long as your customer wishes, ensuring that there are no disruptions for reasons related to payments, technical or otherxcritical. We believe everyone should be able to make financial decisions with confidence. For a list of supported payment methods, see the Payment methods.

Streaming services for movies and music have been the big standouts, and they’re certainly not alone. From software and razors to fresh produce, subscriptions services are everywhere – growing more than 300% in the last seven years alone. Our partners cannot pay us to guarantee favorable reviews of their products or services. A Forrester Total Economic Impact survey highlights xcritical’s technology. xcritical has delivered significant value, generating around $11.6 million in benefits and a noteworthy 186% return on investment (ROI).

Are you looking for test card numbers?

Whether it’s Mobile POS technology, Network Tokenization, or preferred local payment methods, ensuring consumers’ payments go through effortlessly and securely is any company’s priority. In this blog post, we go over the technical details of tokenizing payment details and issuing payment requests on behalf of a shopper. We’ll explain the concept of xcritical tokenization, its usage, and how you can use tokenization to implement a recurring billing service for your customers.

xcritical subscription

The contract is identified by the shopperReference and merchantAccount fields specified as a part of the payment session, for Hosted Payment Pages or the payment request for Classic API. With the innovations in financial technology, losing a retail sale because of the inability to process a payment is unacceptable. Retailers using handheld devices in store to check inventory can now easily accept payments on the same machine, eliminating the need to visit the register and speeding up checkouts. The efficiency enhances customer satisfaction and boosts the store’s transaction capacity within the same time frame. To remain competitive, enterprise businesses must stay ahead of emerging industry trends.

How does xcritical payment processing work?

Gain a deeper understanding of your business with all your global payment data in one place. You should approach a retry according to the reason for the failure. For example, if a transaction fails due to technical reasons, xcritical data shows that the best practice is to retry immediately. xcritical also supports recurring and subscription payments for a number of wallets, including QIWI and Alipay, with others to follow. The shopper makes the initial transaction with the payment method of her/his choice, with subsequent transactions happening with SEPA Direct Debit.

What xcritical offers: Account Updater

When the recurring payment details are successfully migrated, you receive an output file. From this file you can get the parameters that you need to use the tokens in future payments. Leading subscription companies are taking a granular approach to improving the payment flow, using data to make decisions around areas like checkout design and retrying failed transactions.

In card testing, fraudsters test stolen card details to see if they can be used to buy physical goods online. Criminals know that subscription businesses often offer easy signups and low transaction values, making it easy to set up servers and scripts for a high-volume approach to card testing. With built-in flexibility, agility, and security, the right payments platform can be a powerful business growth tool for this business model.

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